Emergency Preparedness

Campus Preparedness
University leaders have taken steps to protect the safety and welfare of our students, faculty, staff and campus visitors. They also have developed guidelines addressing the continuation of campus services should a disruption of services occur.

Personal Preparedness
Individuals and families can prepare for emergencies. Here are resources to consider and use in your efforts to become prepared.

Parents and Family Preparedness
One of the most important discussions you can have with your student is to develop a safety plan. In the event of an emergency, it will be critical to have a plan in place so you and your student are operating from the same set of expectations.

Appalachian Campus Safety App
This app is available through Appalachian Police Department and presents two additional safety services: a safety timer, which will notify people you trust to check in on you, and a two-way texting service to report suspicious activity.

The university’s 24/7 emergency messaging system, using a combination of text messaging, voice messaging, a siren warning system, email and web technologies.