February 28 topics: Student conduct process and prevention tips

Tuesday, February 28, 2012
Regarding student conduct process:

The safety and health of students are of the highest priority to the University, and Appalachian uses established processes and all available resources to address critical safety issues. The University takes very seriously the concerns being expressed by members of our community and we strongly emphasize that all instances of assault, including sexual assault, are a serious concern to the University and will not be tolerated. All students, without exception, are subject to the Code of Student Conduct and the same disciplinary process.

Regarding prevention tips:

Many of the crimes that occur on or around college campuses, including assaults, are crimes of opportunity. While such incidents are a reflection of larger societal problems that impact every community, campus professionals who work with assault prevention have provided some tips to help members of the Appalachian community be more alert to potential dangers and more aware that crimes of opportunity can and do happen. Because the safety and health of our students and staff is of such great importance, this site will offer regular updates on issues related to personal and campus safety, including expanded prevention and awareness information. Email announcements will be sent when updates are posted to this site. If you know of a student, staff member, or parent who is not currently receiving such notifications, please direct them to the contact form found on this site.