A Welcome Message from J.J. Brown, Dean of Students

Friday, August 16, 2013

Welcome new students, and welcome back to all of you returning Mountaineers! It warms my heart to see all of the smiles, and excitement this time of year on our campus. The year holds opportunities, challenges and growth for all of us. As Mountaineers, I know you are all prepared for each of these opportunities and challenges. You chose Appalachian, and the coming year will be full of choices that influence how you continue to move forward. There are many resources here to help you in this journey regardless of whether you are a first year student, or returning student. We are a community that cares for one another, so let us know if you need help! I also encourage you to download the “AppCares” application at the AppStore, or Google Play Market which has a number of key numbers and resources that may be of assistance to you.

There are many positive things about being a Mountaineer, one of which is being part of a strong community. We all play a role in how we impact and create (or take away) from this community in all that we do. Look for opportunities this semester to show you care. Even simple gestures make a difference. We may never see how, but holding open a door, buying a stranger a cup of coffee or simply offering a smile or a hello has the potential to change someone's day. Ultimately, when we care for one another in small ways, it becomes easier to manage the larger (and harder) decisions we face individually and as a community.

Again, welcome to the new year! I am proud to be a fellow Mountaineer, and wish you all the best this semester and year!