Appalachian's Alcohol and Drug Arrest Stats - Behind the Numbers

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On January 31, published a story about colleges with the most on-campus drug and alcohol arrests. Business Insider found this information on the website, which published a set of infographics and maps using arrest data gathered from the Department of Education.

Appalachian was on the list, coming in at number 11 on the list of most on-campus drug arrests per 1,000 students and number 28 on the list of most on-campus alcohol arrests per 1,000 students. On February 5, our student newspaper, The Appalachian, picked up the story as well. These things make great headlines, but the headline dissipates and all that's left is an overall impression - one that may be superficial.

We wanted to dig into this a little further, so we asked Appalachian's Chief of Police Gunther Doerr and Wellness Promotion Coordinator Kendal McDevitt to join us, to talk a bit about these rankings and what they mean for our community here at Appalachian.

Listen to the full discussion here