Tips for Ride Sharing

Many students rely on formal and informal ride-sharing services, which are increasing in popularity in Boone and elsewhere. If you choose to use a ride sharing service, consider taking these safety precautions:

  • There is safety in numbers. Travel with one or two people you know and trust to help reduce risks.
  • Photograph the license plate of the vehicle. This will allow you to track them with the DMV later, if needed.
  • Wait for your ride inside, or in a well-lit, well-trafficked area.
  • Text a friend or family member with information about where you caught your ride, where you are headed and when you expect to arrive at your destination. (You could include the license plate at the same time.)
  • Remember the driver is not a friend, even if s/he is friendly. Don’t take photos with your driver or share any personal information, including details about your destination (like whether it your home, your friend’s home, etc.)
  • If something seems suspicious or feels “wrong,” trust your instinct. Don’t get in the car, or ask the driver to pull over and let you out. If you feel unsafe, call 911 immediately.